Taking Over Local Government; A Workshop by the Incorruptibles

  • Start: June 23, 2018 3:00 pm
  • End: June 23, 2018 5:00 pm

Join us at this Workshop by The Incorruptibles and hear from Anna Callahan about the five key areas needed to build a strong grassroots movement to take over a city or any policy board. See event FB page HERE.
How can we take back our government, step by step? How can we fill local city council and school board elected positions with incorruptible politicians? How can we elect policy boards that reflect the ethnic and gender composition of our local population? How can we get truly progressive majorities elected to legislative bodies, like the Richmond Progressive Alliance?
The Incorruptibles is a nation-wide organization working to “fill all levels of government with unwavering politicians who fight for economic, racial, social, and environmental justice”. National workshop leader Anna Callahan was also a leader in passing the victorious Berkeley campaign finance ordinance. This free workshop will free local activists to make the change we want to see based on the SBPA values of democracy, equity, cooperation, compassion, and sustainability.

“The training The Incorruptibles provides is invaluable. As a sitting progressive mayor, I believe The Incorruptibles’ training will change the nature of politics in my city for the better. I encourage every progressive elected official to learn this effective new model.” — Heidi Harmon, mayor of San Luis Obispo

Date / Time: Saturday  June 23rd, 3-5 PM

Location: Joyce Ellington Library, 491 Empire Street, San José