Our very organization is built upon partnerships and a community of people and organizations. We are proud to have many Coalition Partners who work with us and share in our vision of people-focused politics.

Would your organization like to become one of our Coalition Partners to help us towards our mission? Contact us!

Thank you for being an SBPA partner!

* SBPA Coalition Partners are organizations that share our vision and will help us advance our mission. Our partners engage with us and introduce their membership to SBPA, if possible they promote our events, and work with us on advocacy of issues of mutual interest. Our Coalition Partners have an SBPA member who acts as a liaison with us. Those with an (A) are Allied Organizations which are guaranteed a seat on the SBPA Steering Committee. The expectations of Coalition Partners are defined individually, and there are no terms for partnerships. The list of Coalition Partners may be used by SBPA in our communications to promote our work together.

SBPA and its Coalition Partners will make endorsement decisions individually and independently. SBPA does not see a conflict in having 501(c)(3) organizations as Coalition Partners because SBPA Coalition Partners are not expected to endorse and support every candidate, bill, measure, or action that SBPA endorses. No candidate or ballot measure proponent can claim that any of our Coalition Partners endorses them, only that SBPA endorses.


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