Thank you to all SBPA endorsed candidates for running clean, corporate-free campaigns with conviction and integrity.

The fight for People-Focused Politics is a marathon and we are in this race until we achieve the representation we as voters deserve.

We work for progressive policies that range from keeping local government accountable to promoting the values of a peace economy that embodies cooperation, compassion, sustainability and mutual respect.

Working together, we can overcome the rigged system in which we find ourselves.


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Who we


We are a diverse and inclusive coalition of individuals, communities, and organizations, and we are the change we need. We are generally focused in the South San Francisco Bay area and the city of San Jose.

What we do

We work to elect corporate-free candidates, to enact progressive policies and to build institutions and a society that are based on democracy, equity, cooperation, compassion and sustainability.

Why we do it

'We the people' need a fundamental shift from a profit-focused society to a people-focused one to bring social justice to our communities, and to achieve that, we need true representation in our government.

What will you do?

To build this Alliance we need YOU, so join us and add to our strength and diversity. Become an individual member of SBPA or ask your organization to become our Coalition Partner. Together we can BE the change we need.


Reimagining Thriving Communities

If you missed our great SBPA quarterly online meeting, "Reimagining Thriving Communities", you have another chance!

Catch Chesa Boudin (SF DA), Sajid A. Kahn (SCC Public Defender), and Raj Jayadev (De-Bug), as well as candidates Alex Lee, Jake Tonkel, Brenda Zendejas, and Ketzal Gomez, and SCC Poet Laureate Janice Sapigao, and more fighters for justice. Click this link to view the recording.

Are You Registered to VOTE?

You can't vote if you are not registered.

Click here to find out -- and register to vote if needed. Please share with people in other states who may want to request an absentee ballot.