City Council Elections− How can we make them better?

  • Start: October 7, 2017 2:00 pm
  • End: October 7, 2017 4:00 pm

Join this event to learn how local cities can elect city councils that are more representative of their populations. Pros and cons will be discussed for district elections and alternative election methods such as ranked choice voting and single transferable vote, to achieve better representation and more democratic results. Presenters are Jennifer Pae of FairVote ( and Steve Chessin of Californians for Electoral Reform
( The event is sponsored by FairVote, a nonpartisan, non-profit organization. RSVP

Date / Time: Saturday 10/7/17, 2 – 4 PM
Location: Onetta Harris Community Center Multipurpose Room 100 Terminal Ave, Menlo Park, CA